Among the top reasons for bathroom renovations is replacing or improving the bathtub or shower, often due to poor waterproofing. Whatever the reason, an essential part of that process is making sure the new shower is properly waterproofed. Until recently, one of the most popular methods was the Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit, but with the introduction of the PSC Pro Gen II, that’s about to change. Here’s a quick guide from your team at Pro Source Center on what sets the Pro Gen II ahead of the competition.

Modified Thinset

The Pro Gen II allows contractors and DIYers to choose from a selection of high quality modified thinset mortar brands, allowing them the best and easiest bond for their setup.

Grate Colors & Designs 

Seeking a particular look or style for your shower? With Pro Gen II, your drain grate won’t get in the way of your aesthetic, with over 20 different designs, and many color choices available; over ten times as many options as Schluter Kerdi kits.

Integrated Hair Trap

The Pro Gen II system includes an integrated hair trap designed to be easily accessible, reducing the hassle of clogs drains. The PSC hair trap system makes it easy to prevent hair & debris from clogging your drain.

Advanced Drain Flange

By including a rigid, perfectly stable and non-flexible drain flange, the Pro Gen II kit dramatically reduces the chances of waterproofing failures.

Customizable Curb

Unlike the Schluter Kerdi kits, which always include a fixed curb, the Pro Gen II system includes customizable curb options, allowing you to install one to your specifications, or to forgo the curb altogether.


With all this value, you’d think that the Pro Gen II kit would be costlier in both time and money, but it is actually both less expensive and easier and faster to install than Schluter Kerdi kits, and comes with the same 10 year warranty!

These traits are only scratching the surface of the benefits afforded by the PSC Pro Gen II Shower Kit. Before you start your next bathroom remodel, visit us at Pro Source Center and see if a Pro Gen II kit is just what you need! For any questions, or assistance, contact us today!