HCP H412R Large Ceramic Shower Niche Recessed

H412R Large Ceramic Shower Niche Recessed by HCP Industries

$58.98 - $72.88

H412R Large Ceramic Recessed Shower Niche 7 x 14 Inch

ProSource Center Complete Line of Ceramic Shower Niches

Nominal 7" wide x 14" tall x 3" deep

Some Colors on Chart No Longer Available - Some Colors have delayed shipment

Made in the USA

Ceramic Shower Niche Available Colors

DISCLAIMER! PLEASE READ! - All ceramic is subject to a 25% restocking fee if returned for any reason. These are hand-made pieces fired at extremely high temperatures. Colors vary from batch to batch. There are no color shade match guarantees. Many pieces/colors are now made by a new manufacturer and will arrive to you with a different color code and model number but will be the intended color code or model. For more critical matching, order color chips beforehand. Color names can be deceiving of actual color. Many colors are on production back order. Please contact us if you are attempting to expedite an order.

Colors shown are only approximate.

Please request a sample chip if you are trying to match colors.

Actual nominal dimensions: vertical 14-3/16", horizontal 7-5/8", projection 3/8"

Mounting nominal dimensions: vertical 13-1/8", horizontal 5-1/4", depth 3-1/16"

03 Maroon03 Maroon

07 Cobalt Blue07 Cobalt Blue

09 Navy09 Navy

11 Matte White11 Matte White

12 Ice White12 Ice White

13 Tile White13 Tile White

14 Bone Almond14 Bone / Almond

15 Matte Bone Almond15 Matte Bone / Almond

16 Biscuit16 Biscuit

23 Blonde French Vanilla23 Blonde / French Vanilla

33 Stone FX33 Stone FX

31 Gray Stone FX31 Gray Stone FX

40 Parchment40 Parchment

41 Matte Parchment41 Matte Parchment

42 Champagne42 Champagne

44 Mexican Sand44 Mexican Sand

47 Taupe Cocoa47 Taupe / Cocoa

51 Light Blue51 Light Blue

53 Heron Blue53 Heron Blue

55 Slate Blue55 Slate Blue

61 Light Pink61 Light Pink

62 Light Rose62 Light Rose

65 Peach65 Peach

66 Buff Desert Bloom66 Buff/Desert Bloom

67 Blush Hint of Pink67 Blush (hint of pink)

68 Wild Rose68 Wild Rose

71 Teal71 Teal

73 Sea Foam73 Sea Foam

80 Black80 Black

82 Country Gray82 Country Gray

83 Pewter83 Pewter

84 Tender Gray84 Tender Gray

86 Sterling Silver86 Sterling Silver

87 Matte Gray87 Matte Gray

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