Jost Superpad P 9 Inch 60 - 80 Grit Drywall Sanding Discs

Superpad P 9 Inch 60 - 80 Grit Drywall Sanding Discs by Jost Abrasives

$57.69 - $58.46

Jost SuperPad P 9 Inch 60 - 80 Grit Sanding Discs

Jost SuperPad P - 9 Inch Sanding Pad

Box of 25 Hook n Loop Sanding Pads - Select Your Grit

Made in Germany

423-A (60, 80) Grits

Use with vacuum sanding systems Perforated surface for dust management Fiber backing eliminates sand scratches

UseIt Superpad P

Joest Abrasives is Simply a Better Drywall Sanding Disc

Specially designed drywall sanding discs for use with the Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander. Perfect for dust free drywall sanding. Joest Abrasives drywall sanding discs produce the highest quality results.
Here's Why:

Perforation - Joest drywall sanding products have holes throughout the surface that allow the dust to easily escape, and Eliminate Load-up. Because you won't have dust particles clogging up your disc, you can now see the full potential abrasive life of the disc. Perforation allows the sheet to last longer and provide a higher level of finish. Dust is extracted through the perforations in a congestion-free-flow - not just at the edges of the sander, but over the entire surface!

Fiber Backing - Joest abrasive drywall sanding sheets utilize a Non-Woven backing that draws the dust through the portholes evenly. Not only is the backing a nice additional cushion, but it drastically improves the performance and life of the sanding disc. Even distribution of sanded drywall material means you can Eliminate Sand Scratches!

Aluminum Oxide Grit - Traditional drywall sandpaper uses sharp edged silicon carbide abrasive that starts out cutting hard, but doesn't wear evenly. Joest Drywall Sanding Discs utilize Aluminum Oxide grit that is rounded (instead of jagged), and wears uniformly. Joest products will cut at the same rate throughout their usable life, and will resist loading.
Requires Joest useit Interface Pad

Joest sanding discs feature slotted dust channels to provide superior performance when used in conjunction with the Porter Cable 7800 Dustless Sander and the Joest Interface Sponge Unlike conventional sanding discs, holes in Joest Abrasives sanding discs allow for dust collection over the entire disc area; fiber backing prevents clogging and allows the dust to flow freely for maximum efficiency and productivity

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