Norton 6 Inch Multi-Air A275 No-Fil 6 Inch Fine Sanding Sample Pack

6 Inch Multi-Air A275 No-Fil 6 Inch Fine Sanding Sample Pack by Norton Abrasives


Norton p/n 40102307 6" 6 Inch Multi-Air A275 No-Fil 6 Inch Fine Sanding Sample Pack 20 Discs 5 each grits 320, 600, 1000, 1500

6" A275 Multi Air Vacuum Disc Starter Sample Kit

20 discs total - 5 each grits 320, 600, 1000 and 1500

Better finish, longer lasting, more dust extraction

Finer 1000 and 1500 grits feature Soft-Touch foam backing

Norton Multi-Air 6" A275 No-Fil 6 Inch Fine Sanding Sample Pack 20 Discs

With 20 Total Discs - 5 each grits 320, 600, 1000 and 1500

These discs are Norton's earlier-generation Multi-Air design in the A275 series primarily targeted toward automotive finish work. The photo shows exactly what you will receive in this sample pack with 5 total discs per grit in each stack. Each stack shows 4 discs face up and the top disc face down so that you can see the back and grit number. The grit of each disc in a particular stack is the same as the others in the stack.

Two of the coarser grits 320 and 600 are the standard Multi-Air discs with a fibre-reinforced latex paper with hook and loop back. The finer grits 1000 and 1500 grits are Multi-Air with Soft-Touch technology which include a flexible foam backing for a better finish and longer life.

Multi-Air discs are made from the highest standard abrasive technology and are specially designed for final dry sanding applications. The No-Fil coating prevents dust build up on the disc to avoid premature clogging. In very fine grits it can be used for final dry sanding operations before spraying.

Norton Multi-Air A275 - 360 and 600 grits

  • Premium, heat-treated aluminium oxide grain
  • Fibre-reinforced latex paper
  • Waterbased No-Fil
  • No pigment in No-Fil or bond
  • Faster cut rate
  • Multi-Air hole configuration
  • 30% increase in dust extraction
  • Flexible & tear resistant
  • Improved load resistance
  • No risk of color transfer to your work

Norton Multi-Air A275 Soft-Touch - 1000 and 1500 grits also adds:

  • Allows Contour sanding without cutting through
  • Maximum dust extraction for a clean work surface and increased life

Suggested (Automotive) Finishing Task per grit:

  • 0320 Grit - Sanding cataphoretic coats and primer
  • 0600 Grit - Cutting back lacquer before a flush joint
  • 1000 Grit - Retouching clear coat
  • 1500 Grit - Before polishing and buffing


A Norton 6" Fine Grit Multi-Air Sample Pack (as shown in photo) to Include:
  • 5 discs 320 grit Multi-Air H&L
  • 5 discs 600 grit Multi-Air H&L
  • 5 discs 1000 grit Multi-Air Soft-Touch H&L
  • 5 discs 1500 grit Multi-Air Soft-Touch H&L
Norton_MultiAir_top Norton_MultiAir_80grit_top Norton_MultiAir_80grit_top

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